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Let us help you get the play system, furniture or BBQ grill that works best for you and your family. Our goal is to make that process as easy and pleasant as possible. We’re conveniently located in the heart of McAllen, Texas servicing the entire Rio Grande Valley. Stop on by!

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BBQ Pits

BBQ Pits & Grills
Developed and Made in Texas!

Double-Lid Grill w/ Firebox

Another popular grill for backyard use for larger families or just more cooking space. Has an extra smaller shelf for vegetables or bread.

Single-Lid Grill w/ Firebox

These are our most popular grills. They are great for family use in backyards and can be used in a variety of ways including the indirect cooking method Lyfe Tyme is known for.

Single-Lid Grill

Can also be used on smaller patios, but offer a little more cooking space. Made in Texas. Developed in Texas.

From steel pits and smokers to portable pits, we got ya covered!

B&B Charcoal Burns Better!

For over 50 years B&B Charcoal has been the leading producer of lump charcoal. We offer a variety of types that include Oak, Mesquite, Hickory, Hardwood, and Quebracho Blanco. Through our unique process, we are able to rid our wood of the most unwanted foreign material, including resins and acids that are most commonly found in other major brands. What remains is only the natural fiber, accounting for the subtle, natural flavor that foods capture when cooked with B&B Lump Charcoal. That process has made it “The Expert’s Choice For the Outdoor Barbequer” for many many years. Available now at Family Time Outdoors! Get you some!
  • Burns cleaner, hotter and longer
  • Sears meat quicker
  • No chemical additives or fillers
  • Choice of expert barbecue chefs